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So What's a 360 Feedback Anyway?

Many of you have been the recipient of a 360 Feedback at work. This tool can be extraordinarily effective - when used properly - to give you and your employer a more accurate view of your work.

What if we had this in our personal lives? What if we could get feedback on how we were doing as a friend, spouse, or parent? In our day-to-day lives, the amount of feedback we get is typically...ZERO. We may get positive feedback for something amazing that we did. Or we may get blindsided by devastating, punitive feedback, and be left wondering how to clean up the mess.

Wouldn't it be good to know where we could improved, and what we aren't seeing, before something goes horribly wrong? How can we really know where we need growth if we do not get a true picture of how we are impacting those around us?

So, if you're BRAVE, and really want to see how to achieve positive growth in your personal life, contact me to learn how a personal 360 can work.

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