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Meet Bobbi

Consultant & Certified Personal Co-Active Coach

Bobbi loves helping with people with life transitions. Career/job change, putting into practice new ideas, skills or changes you've started, new life chapters- these are all exciting changes that Bobbi can help with.  She is also passionate about coaching anyone dealing with a caregiver role.  

Bobbi's had years of professional accomplishment across a wide range of industries - sports management, healthcare, insurance, finance, real estate & major market radio & television - so she know the challenges of blending a balanced life with high achievement.  As an Executive Director, she more than doubled income, and increased participation 20%.  She is a Spinnaker Award winner for her work with community partnerships.  As a sales rep, Bobbi was recognized as Rookie-of-the Year, nominated for Rep-of-the-Year, and made the Top Ten in New & Renewal 3 years running. She started her own insurance agency and subsequently sold it for a profit only 2 ½ years later. She has served in leadership roles for over 25 years, including serving as the Executive Director of a top-tier youth sports organization, with more than 3,500 youth participants and a budget of more than $2.5 million.

Bobbi is a skilled facilitator, problem solver, and crisis manager.  She is known as a “big picture” thinker who sees past the obstacles to find the opportunities.  Her Strengths are:  Strategic, Maximizer, Arranger, Relator, Ideation

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