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Developing Followers

Everyone wants to be in leadership development and so much focus is placed on developing leaders, but are we missing our biggest impact? I'm not saying companies don't develop their people. We do by teaching general skills and personal assessments. Those are valuable no matter your role. So how much time and resources are given to those who are not in leadership roles about how to "be" in their role? More people are in non-leadership roles and yet we have books upon books written on leadership. We hire coaches for leaders. What about being the best follower you can be? What if followers were excited to follow not just because they had a great leader but because they were were their own best follower?

Not all people are leaders. Most are followers. We would never get anywhere if we were all giving directions. Natural tendencies are high in the decision. As children natural leadership takes place. Who decides what you are going to play? Which kid first says, "Do you want to play with me?" As we grow who decides to run for student council? Who steps up to lead a volunteer group? Most prefer to stay in the background. Most will help, but they do not want the responsibility of the project to succeed or fail. My dad would always ask, "Are you a leader or a follower?" Many times that was about making good personal choices and yet it wasn't just that. It was about knowing who you are, knowing what your role was and how to excel at it.

I believe there is incredible value in following well. More can get done, more people will be able to relax and excel in their roles with greater satisfaction. So calling all followers and all organizations who believe in those not in leadership roles to invest in our supporters, promoters and advocates.

All the Best,


Coach of Supporters

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