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Why Coaching?

Are you facing a job change, starting a business, leaving or going back to work? Are you frustrated that your life lacks balance? Have you recently attended a training session or seminar, and want help moving forward on the work you did there? Are you a business owner or entrepreneur who would like help setting and achieving goals? A coach can help you navigate these waters.


A coach has no investment in any particular outcome - only in your success and satisfaction.  A coach provides a safe place to brainstorm - helping you find YOUR best solution or path forward.  A coach also helps you stay accountable and focused.  And sometimes - a coach can be that absolutely vital place to vent!​

Learn about your coaching opportunities below.

Navigating Change

Individual coaching helps you set goals, identify & overcome obstacles, & make critical decisions. Navigating change?  Sometimes you just need a confidential sounding board to help you work through challenges.

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Do you find yourself caring for aging parents or other adults who rely on you? Caring for those who cared for you can be immensely rewarding, but it can also  take over your life.   A coach can bring a new perspective and help you manage these demands.

Life Balance

A balanced life is essential to your personal effectiveness and to your overall well-being. But there are so many challenges to achieving a balanced life. How do you balance what you have to do with what you enjoy and want to do? Let's talk.

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