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Find Your Path Forward 

Consulting & Coaching with Bobbi Hoebelheinrich

Meet Bobbi

Thought Partner, Certified Personal Co-Active Coach

In her consulting practice, Bobbi is driven by a singular mission: to transform youth sports clubs into thriving professional entities while ensuring a harmonious balance between life and work for everyone involved.

As a coach She has been coaching individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs, and business leaders since 1998. She offers coaching, training & consulting services and loves helping people navigate change. She is  particularly passionate about helping her clients find a balance in their life and work. 


What I Specialize In

Navigating Change


Youth Sports Consulting

Life Balance

Rocky Coast

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally 

astound ourselves.

-Thomas Edison

"Bobbi worked as my coach as I was changing careers, going from a salaried job with great benefits into a 100% commission job with no benefits.


She listened to what I thought my needs were, then made some other suggestions and coached me on all of these things.  She is patient and kind but driven to achieve results.


To this day I still use some of her knowledge in what has become a very successful real estate career.


Hiring Bobbi will result in betters results for you in the long run."

Sue Durfee


RE/MAX Results

“I've used the business model you created for me in more ways than one. In demonstrating a particular project to my agents, we always start with our "wheel"; it has helped us with our web site issues we were dealing with; also being used for marketing planning, & agent development. As a new real estate Broker, this information was extremely helpful.


Thanks for your help and also for making the process fun!!"

“I am so incredibly grateful that Bobbi showed up in my life and that I was inspired to hire her (in my late 30's) to help me figure out 'what I want to be when I grow up'. Bobbi helped me to clarify my values, figure out my purpose, make a plan and set some goals to create the life I am now joyfully living! Along the way she helped me deal with some major challenges that life threw my way.


Coaching with Bobbi was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life!..” 

“Having Bobbi as a coach helped me take ownership of my priorities and accomplish my goals in a way that truly made a difference..” 

"What a marvelous journey this is turning out to be! Thank you for helping me paddle through this part of the river."

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